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Saving Siraya is a blog dedicated to the protection of a Taiwanese indigenous tribe that is not officially recognized by the government and therefore denied of basic human rights.

Due to the demands of Zhong Xing University and the Taiwanese national government, starting JUNE 29th, 2011 Siraya homes will be demolished and families already suffering from poverty will become homeless. After demolition the university intends to use the land for its agricultural department.

Approximately 20 Siraya families will be affected, some of which have lived on this ancestral land for up to 150 years.

See "Saving Siraya" for a detailed post on the Siraya's situation.

** UPDATE: A recent meeting between Zhong Xin University representatives, the Tainan City mayor, city councillors, and Siraya representatives has resulted in an agreement. The city government has been granted three months to prepare documents proving that Siraya settlements predate 1920. These documents will be signed by the mayor and will thereby protect ancestral land from further disruption. The university agrees to cooperate once these documents have been approved by the Tainan City mayor! Court hearings and demolitions have been postponed three months accordingly.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Each Day A Little Closer

I continue to receive emails and Facebook messages recommending the Siraya contact various lawyers, reporters, and government officials. This support is exactly what the Siraya needs. Maybe you cannot personally help the Siraya because like me you have very few resources. However, that shouldn't stop you from contacting people you know who do have resources and who do have connections and who do have the power to change lives. Take a look at the pictures that have been posted and you will see not only buildings but faces. Those are people who need your help. Those are people with families and lives and it is our job to protect them. People take care of people. Become one of the people.

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